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Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
us a power stock today. what is your play? > > integrys energy, it's the chicago regulated utility in this region, supplies natural gas; and yesterday, they came and bought a power plant up in wisconsin for $440 million. the stock absolutely took off, and now it's trading at about $54. pays a 5% dividend. and a lot of these utilities have kind of backed off in the last couple of months. it's a good time to get into some of them. > > so traders are taking their profits on these stocks. will they be forced to get in during the fourth quarter do you think? > > i think so, because investors out there are facing, you know, you're not getting anything in the bank, so you can get into some of these utility stocks that pay 4 to 5%. now they have backed down some from their highs, because the price of electricity is falling along with natural gas. so, many production assets. however, teg, integrys energy, did not. it's a regulated utility. does a little bit better. it's a little bit more of a stronger play despite what happens with electricity prices. > > are there any caveats with this sto
Sep 25, 2012 4:00am PDT
. it will most likely remain under a little bit of pressure. refining margins remain rather thin for energy producers, and i think that as we sort of turn the calendar past this labor day weekend, gasoline probably stays a little bit sticky, especially given tensions in the middle east. > > thank you john. good to have you on the show. > > thank you. next week we enter the 4th quarter, the final sprint to the annual holiday shopping season. in our cover story this morning, we look at the annual holiday hiring surge which is also about to begin, and what it tells us about the overall health of the economy. last week, wal-mart and kohl's spread a little holiday cheer when they announced they'd be hiring 50,000 temporary workers each for the upcoming holiday season, which is coming ever earlier every year! do such big numbers tell us that retailers expect a door-buster holiday season, that overall hiring is about to take off, that the recovery finally is shifting into high gear? uh, not quite. "even though we see these companies make these big hiring announcements, you expect that from walmart
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2